Fluent Finance’s integration with Flow Rewards offers LPs a risk-off and non-custodial offering on Uniswap

Fluent Finance
3 min readJul 3, 2023

At Fluent Finance, we’re driven by a simple philosophy: put the users first. We’ve always believed the power of DeFi should be harnessed for the benefit of those who contribute to its growth. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our integration with Flow Rewards’ open-sourced smart contracts.

Rewards, Amplified: All About US Plus

We’re using Flow Rewards’ smart contracts to give back the revenue we generate from Market Makers to you, our liquidity providers. We’re providing our users with more US Plus — Fluent Finance’s fiat-backed stablecoin that maintains 1:1 auditable reserves through Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve. With seamless integration with core banking APIs, zero fees, 24/7 access, and borderless settlement, we like to think that US Plus is a superior, more reliable stablecoin. The best part? You can access US Plus through familiar DeFi platforms like Uniswap (USDT/US+; cUSD/US+), with Curve coming soon.

Key Benefits for Liquidity Providers

Our integration with Flow Rewards brings a basket of benefits for Liquidity Providers:

Lower volatility

We’re minimizing risk exposure and impermanent loss with stablecoin paired pools (USDT / US+; cUSD / US+), which typically exhibit minimal price fluctuations.

Non-custodial asset holding

Keep your assets secure (own your keys) without locking them into centralized exchanges.

Fixed-income stability

No more unpredictability. Revenue we earn is redirected to liquidity providers.

Reliable liquidity

Exiting your position is simple, clear, and timely

The Fluent-Flow Model: How It Works

Our strategy is simple yet effective. We take our revenue from Market Maker earnings and funnel it back to our Liquidity Providers through the Flow Rewards smart contract.

Fluent Finance Implementation of Flow Rewards

Please note that our rewards program is not applicable to US citizens or residents.

Get USPlus

We believe in transparency. We will shortly have all our stats and transactions available on DeFi Llama. You’re also invited to participate in our pools on Uniswap — ETH, CELO, and ARB.

About Fluent

Fluent Finance is a product and technology company operating an open stablecoin protocol and a private settlement network called F-Net.

At the center of the Fluent Protocol is the US+ stablecoin, an auditable asset 100% backed by cash and equivalents. Operated by a Federation of Member Banks and pegged one-to-one with U.S. dollars, US+ is compliant with all current financial regulations and future-proofed to accommodate impending legislative actions.

For more information, please visit https://fluent.finance



Fluent Finance

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