Statement of Disclosure

Fluent Finance
2 min readNov 22, 2022

In light of recent events affecting the digital finance industry, we offer the following disclosures to provide transparency about Fluent Finance for our customers, partners, and regulators:

Fluent Finance is not affiliated in any way with FTX or Alameda Research.

We have never had any account with FTX, and have never held the FTT token.

We have not invested in, nor received any investment from Alameda Research, FTX, FTX subsidiaries, affiliates or employees.

Furthermore, we wish to stress that our flagship stablecoin asset, US+, is in no way related to any stablecoin FTX was or is supposedly developing.

As a fintech product company operating our verifiable stablecoin protocol, we support transparency and accountability across finance and blockchain, and we work diligently to earn the confidence of our customers by enabling them to self-verify the status and integrity of their accounts.

Our flagship US+ stablecoin is 100% verifiably backed by cash and equivalents, with proof of reserves broadcast on-chain every four hours.

US+ is compliant with all current financial regulations applicable to the industry, and we work daily to prepare for and ensure compliance with impending legislative actions.

We take pride in making ourselves available to anyone who wishes to see what makes us different. Please follow us on our official Twitter page or join the conversation on Discord.



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